The Ultimate Guide To Our Services At Diamond Truck Sales

The Ultimate Guide To Our Services At Diamond Truck Sales

Diamond Truck Sales is a used truck dealer in Ontario, Canada. We make sure that we have every type of truck/trailer in our inventory. Our knowledgeable staff can go the extra mile to ensure that you have an excellent purchasing experience with us. When you are ready to invest in a heavy-duty truck, our staff and financing department are prepared to ensure that you have an outstanding experience transacting through us. As experts in the field, we have provided important information you should keep in mind when dealing with used truck dealers like it.

1. What makes us stand out from the rest

Guest enthusiasm
When purchasing from us, we ensure that you are well taken care of. We go above and beyond to make sure you are aware of the specification of the truck or trailer you are buying, its history, and what you will need to do to maintain it properly.

Employee satisfaction
We make sure our employees are extremely happy to be working with us. We provide them with a safe and encouraging work environment. All our employees are always looking to constantly learn and improve their skills, and we encourage and help them accomplish that.

Honesty and integrity
We believe in being true to ourselves and ensuring that our customers receive the best treatment possible. All our employees are honest and trustworthy people who will give you the best deal for your budget.

Responsibility and accountability
Once you have made your purchase, we will still keep in touch with you to find out if you are happy with your purchase. If any issues arise, we do not hesitate to hold ourselves accountable and see what can be done to sort out your situation.

Myths perpetuated in the industry

The customer is always right
While we do our very best to make our customers happy, based on your specific needs, we will try to inform you about the type of vehicle more suited to your needs. Sometimes, you might not make the best decision due to a lack of information. We have the knowledge and experience required to properly advise you on the type of truck you would require.

Questions you should ask before purchasing

Is this vehicle ‘As-Is’ or certified pre-owned?
We sell a number of vehicles, ‘As-Is’ and Certified pre-owned. It is important for you to find out whether the truck you are interested in falls in the first or second category as the pricing and many other aspects depends on it.

Has the car or truck ever been in a wreck?
It is vital that you know the history of the vehicle you are purchasing. While we make sure we fix any issues on our vehicles before putting them on the market, a vehicle that has been in a wreck will cost considerably less than one that has not.

Can I see the Autocheck/Carfax?
Carfax and AutoCheck provide vehicle history reports with information about the condition of used cars. These reports can help you spot potential issues and make an informed buying decision.

As experts in the field, once you come to us with a problem or need, we ensure that we find products and solutions that work for you. We take the time to explain how our product truly is a solution for the given problems, and we go above and beyond to ensure we have specific solutions for your unique situation.

If you are looking for a used truck dealer in Ontario, Canada, reach out to us at Diamond Truck Sales. We are a leading used truck and trailer sales dealership that also offers leasing, finance, and business services, and career opportunities in sales, marketing, finance and business consultancy. We have business experts on the board who are well versed in the short-term and long-term requirements of the businesses. We have a wide range of makes and models of vehicles in our inventory. We make sure to meet the needs of our clients in terms of quality and budget.

To learn more about the services we offer, please click here. To get in touch with us, please click here.

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